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Fracture Care

A fractured bone can be excruciating, especially when it’s a bad break. If you need fracture care, Robere Missirian, and the Vital Orthopedic & Spine Institute team can help. They assess your injury using state-of-the-art imaging technology and repair even the most complex fractures. Call today, any of their locations in Florida to schedule a consultation or book an appointment online.


What are fractures?

Fractures are cracks and breaks in your bones. They take various forms, including:

Stable fractures

A stable fracture is where the bone breaks neatly without the broken ends moving out of position.

Comminuted fractures

Comminuted fractures are injuries that create three or more pieces of bone. Severe crush injuries could shatter bones into multiple fragments.

Compound fractures

Compound fractures are open wounds where you can see the broken bone. These fractures are especially painful and also prone to infection.

Vertebral compression fractures

Vertebral compression fractures could affect your spine if you have osteoporosis, a disease that makes your bones weak and brittle. Osteoporosis significantly increases the number of other fractures older people suffer as well.

Stress fractures

Stress fractures are overuse injuries. They consist of tiny cracks in the bone that multiply over time.

When would I need fracture care?

You should get expert fracture care for any broken bones. Otherwise, they might not heal properly.

Fractures are usually extremely painful, but with some, you might not realize you’ve broken a bone. Ankle fractures are a good example because the symptoms are similar to a severe sprain, which tears the ligaments in the joint. You could also incur the two injuries at the same time.

The Vital Orthopedic & Spine Institute team can determine if you have a fracture by taking X-rays of the affected area. Broken bones show up clearly on X-rays. Your provider can also assess the extent of the injury to ensure you get the most effective fracture care.

What fracture care would I need?

The fracture care you require varies according to the type of break and how bad it is, plus factors like your age and any other health problems you’ve got. If you have a stable fracture and the bones are still in alignment, your provider might apply a cast or splint that immobilizes the injured area while it heals. This approach also works with stress fractures.

A clean break where the bones are only a little misaligned might be fixable with closed reduction. Using X-rays to guide them, your provider at Vital Orthopedic & Spine Institute moves the broken ends of the bones into position with their hands before putting on a cast.

Vertebroplasty and kyphoplasty are good options for vertebral compression fractures. These minimally invasive procedures involve injecting bone cement into the damaged vertebra to stabilize your spine. Kyphoplasty also raises the damaged vertebra’s height.

Does fracture care involve having surgery?

Serious fractures might need open reduction, which involves surgical repairs to your bones and tissues. Your surgeon might use screws, plates, and pins to repair bad fractures. For a severe injury, you might need external fixation — a metal device around the fracture.

To get the right fracture care, call Vital Orthopedic & Spine Institute today or book an appointment online.