Regenerative medicine is a game-changer for athletes and those seeking daily living pain relief. 

While surgeries, such as a total knee replacement and arthroscopy, can produce excellent outcomes, many patients can be treated without surgery. Stem cells are present in all of us acting like a repair system for the body. However, with increased age sometimes the optimum amount of stem cells are not delivered to the injured area.

The goal of Stem Cell therapy and Regenerative medicine seeks to support, stimulate, and enhance the body’s natural repair mechanisms, and help heal defects that would not normally heal on their own. Regenerative medicine treatments aim to encourage the regeneration of healthy tissue at the site of injury with little to no recovery or downtime 

Many types of Regenerative medicine are autologous, meaning that the cells or tissues are obtained from the same individual. They are injected into the affected area to stimulate the regeneration of damaged tissue and promote the healing of ligaments, joints, tendons or spinal discs. Regenerative medicine has been successful at relieving pain, restoring function and helping to avoid surgery.

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