Expanding to Fort Myers!

  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE       Aug. 29, 2018   Fort Myers, FL – VITAL Orthopedic & Spine Institute, with several locations predominantly in South Florida, has expanded its services to Fort Myers this year.  Located at 3822 Broadway, Suite A, near the Edison Mall,...

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Strains and sprains

Strains (injuries to a muscle or tendon) and sprains (injuries to a ligament) are the most common causes of back pain. Sudden movements and twisting or lifting of heavy objects can cause microscopic tears in the muscles, tendons or ligaments in your back. Depending on...

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Lumbar facet joints

Lumbar facet joints are small joints located in pairs in your lower back, which provide stability and guide motion in your spine. Pain cause by lumbar facet joints (in the lower spine) is typically felt in the lower back, hip, buttock, and/or leg. By placing numbing...

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Selective Nerve Root Block (SNRB)

Selective Nerve Root Block (SNRB) is primarily used to diagnose the specific source of nerve root pain and, secondarily, for therapeutic relief of low back pain and/or leg pain When a nerve root becomes compressed and inflamed, it can produce back and/or leg pain....

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Radiofrequency Ablation

Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA), or rhizotomy, is sometimes used to treat severe chronic pain in the lower (lumbar) back, where radio frequency waves are used to produce heat on specifically identified nerves surrounding the facet joints on either side of the lumbar...

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What is Ankle arthroscopy?

Ankle arthroscopy is a minimally invasive surgical procedure used to treat problems in the ankle joint by using a thin fiber-optic camera that can magnify and transmit images of the ankle to a video screen. The goal is to reduce pain and improve overall function of...

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